In our Groceries section you will find all of the store-cupboard staples you will need to make healthy meals at home.

Beans & Pulses

We have a large selection of competitively priced organic tinned and dried beans and pulses from Suma Wholefoods, Anna and Infinity Foods. Beans and pulses are an excellent vegetarian and vegan source of protein, vitamins and minerals and really versatile, you can swap them for meat in so many curries, pies and bakes. Look out for our loose, organic dried lentils and chickpeas that are now available in our gravity dispensers in the Shop.


We have a wide selection of organic grains including many types of rice, couscous, millet, buckwheat, quinoa (including british grown) spelt, barley, oats and rye. Look out for loose, oats, rice and popping corn that are now available in our gravity dispensers in the Shop.

Fruits and Nuts

You’ll find a huge selection of natural and organic nuts, seeds and dried fruits mainly from Infinity Foods.


Fruit Spread, Jam, Honey, organic fair-trade Chocolate Spread, Tahini and Nut Butters including; peanut, cashew, almond, walnut, hazelnut as well as seed spreads, such as sunflower, pumpkin, hemp.

Baking Products

All you need for baking breads and treats at home, including organic wheat, rye and spelt flours, speciality grain-free flours and gluten free flours from Doves Farm, Sourdough Starter, xanthan gum and natural flour improvers. We also have a range of vegan and gluten free easy to use mixes from Orgran and The Foodamentalists to help you create bread, doughnuts, tortillas, pancakes and pastry at home.

Organic, Free-Range Eggs

We only stock eggs from Mrs McMyns Farm near New Abbey in Dumfries and Galloway, you can find out more about the farm at Mrs McMyn's organic free-range eggs.

Japanese Foods

Our specialist section includes miso, udon, soba, gluten free noodles, seaweeds, umeboshi paste, tamari, shoyu and grain mixes from Clearspring Japanese Foods, Algaran Seaweed and King Soba, perfect for making veggie sushi rolls or a classic soba or ramen noodle bowl. In addition we have a selection of antioxidant rich matcha teas of different grades from Clearspring, OMGTea and Koyu.

Herbs, Spices and Condiments

Everything you need to flavour your food and cook up a storm in the kitchen, we have a large selection from Suma Wholefoods, Essential Foods & Cool Chile as well as salad dressings, marinades, chutneys and sauces.

Artisan, Fairtrade and Organic Chocolate

We have a large selection of chocolate from bars to truffles from Divine, Cocoa Loco, Montezuma, Vivani, Organica, Plamil, Seed and Bean, Moo Free, Vego and Pure Origin. We also stock raw chocolate such as Raw Choc Pies and LoveChock.

Black, Green and Herbal teas

Our tea section would rival a specialist tea store and we have over a hundred and thirty different teas in stock. Choose from single tea varieties, blends, soothing herbal infusions, medicinal blends and more.  Main stockists include Pukka, Yogi, Heath & Heather and Clipper.


Fairtrade Organic Coffee

We take our coffee seriously and offer a good selection of ground and beans from Grumpy Mule, Suma Wholefoods, Equal Exchange, Zapatista, as well as some rather special blends which are locally and freshly roasted  from Dark Woods and Mancoco.

Dried Goods Refills

We now stock a range of loose dried goods such as oats, muesli, rice, lentils, pasta, seeds, tvp and popping corn loose from our gravity dispensers. To refill, simply bring in your bags or jars, get them weighed, fill and then re-weigh to shop packaging free. 

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Raw Food

Our specialist raw food section contains raw protein, nuts and dried berries  and of course, the ever popular raw chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company and Om Bar! We even stock all the ingredients to create your own raw chocolate creations at home. Brands include Superfoodies, Planet Organic and Revolution Foods.

Caffeine Free Alternatives

We have a range of decaffeinated teas and coffees as well as caffeine free beverages such as Barleycup, Yannoh and Dandelion Coffee, perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Crisps and Savoury Snacks

We have a selection of crisps from Pipers and Ten Acre, the very popular, gluten free, vegan snacks from Eat Real, organic tortilla chips, Bombay Mixes, spicy noodles, flavoured pulses and nuts, Trail mix, Mushroom Crisps and more.

Chilled & Frozen 

In our fridges you’ll find a large selection of chilled items to make fabulous meals. We stock an abundance of organic cheeses, yogurts, tofu, houmus vegan spreads, vegan sausages and meat style slices from Vegi Deli, Taifun and Tofurky, we even have vegan haggis and black pudding! You'll find over forty dairy free cheeses from brands such as Violife, Redwood, Scheese, Tofutti, Follow Your Heart and fresh fermented cashew based cheeses from The Walnut Gatherer & Pips Organic.  There are also lots of dairy free yoghurts from Provamel, Sojade, Co-yo and Koko and dairy free kefir from Sojade. In addition we have non-homogenised organic milk from Acorn Dairy and probiotic kefir from Nourish Kefir and Biootiful and fresh fermented foods such kimchi and saurkraut available. In our freezer section you’ll find burgers, sausages, nuggets, sausage rolls, pies and pasties from Fry’s, GoodLife and Clive’s as well as frozen desserts from BoojaBooja and Food Heaven. Look out for frozen berries, frozen vegetables, edamame beans, chips  and much more.


Household Cleaning & Refills

We offer a large selection of environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products from Eco-Leaf, Ecozone,  Bio-D, Planet Detox and Green Scents, they’re not tested on animals and offer superb results without compromising the environment.  We particularly like the Eco-Leaf range, which is the house brand of fellow workers’ co-operative Suma Wholefoods based in Elland near Huddersfield. We offer Eco-Leaf refills on washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, toilet cleaner, multi-surface spray and hand wash as well as hand wash from Bio-D, saving both money for consumers  and plastic waste. We also stock a range of eco-friendly coconut scourers, washing up brushes and pot scrapers as well as recycled plastic scourers and washing up brushes. In addition we also stock recycled toilet paper and kitchen roll in compostable wrap, fair-trade rubber gloves and biodegradable bin liners. For the keen baker we sell a range of If You Care FSC, unbleached paper baking sundries and recycled aluminium foil. We also sell a small selection of natural, essential oil based air fresheners from  White Rose, Absolute Aromas and Waft.

Cleaning Products

Period Care

We have a extensive range of eco-friendly, period products from OrganyC and Natracare, they’re unscented, gel, chlorine and plastic free and made from biodegradable, natural and organic materials. We also offer period cups from Mooncup, Fair Squared & Lunette and reusable period pads from Imse Vimse and Head In The Woods for people looking to reduce their reliance on throw away hygiene products.

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Special Diets

We stock a wide variety of products that are suitable for gluten and wheat free diets. Everything from fresh bread, gluten-free flours and baking substitutes to pasta, noodles, pies, cereals, biscuits, crackers, cakes and snacks, we even have gluten free beer!

For those avoiding dairy, we have a vast selection of produce, from soya, rice, oat and nut milks, to chocolate and desserts, cheeses and spreads – even squirty cream! For those avoiding excess sugar in their diets we have a plentiful range of biscuits, chocolate, cakes, snack bars, jams and syrups all free from added sugar. Do ask for advice if you are diabetic, as in some cases fruit juices or malt syrups are used to sweeten products and these may not be appropriate for your diet.


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