We have made a real name for ourselves with our carefully selected range of alcohol, not only are they organic or hand-crafted , they have to satisfy the most important criteria of all which is to taste fabulous. Regular staff tastings certainly help to ensure that we never fall down on this important aspect of quality control.

Most f our wine comes from Vintage Roots a long running organic wine company. All the wine at 8th Day is organic and our beers and ciders are craft-made with no nasties, with most being vegan . We stock locally made Marble Arch and and Beatniks beers all of which are small and exceptionally good brewers and certainly worth checking out if you like real ale and interesting flavours. In addition we have exciting offerings from new locals Alphabet Brewing Co. and Beer Nouveau (customers of ours, who liked beer so much they started making their own and very good it is too!) as well as Farm House Ciders from Somerset.

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How can a wine be vegan or vegetarian? It all depends on how the wine was fined (filtered). Not all wine is fined, but if it is winemakers may use gelatine or isinglass (from fish bladders). In the big wide world of pubs and supermarkets you probably won’t be able to find this out, but at Eighth Day our suppliers guarantee us vegan or vegetarian alcohol. They use clay, therefore vegan, or egg whites or milk protein, therefore vegetarian. These processes don’t leave any trace or taste in the wine; it is just passed through to make it clear.

We are often asked if organic and Biodynamic wines are less likely to give you a hangover. Yes! Because there is less chemical intervention and adulteration they are less likely to give you that morning-after feeling. There is some anecdotal evidence that sulphur dioxide can cause headaches; it is produced naturally by the fermentation process but has also been added since Roman times to help preserve wine, and is permitted, in much lower levels, in organic production. We stock some specifically labelled sulphur free – Stellar Merlot and Stellar Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa). However, overindulgence will always have an adverse effect!

If you would like some advice, or a recommendation, feel free to speak to Sam, the 8th Day wine expert and buyer. Keep an eye out for our seasonal wine events, which are always popular.

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