Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and veg is always organic and comes from our local supplier Organic North Wholesalers which is a co-operative and was formed by a group of northern organic businesses in the early 1990s and remains member owned.

fruitvegetablesWe always try to support our UK farmers and there are usually plenty of great home-grown leafy greens, brassicas, root veg and fruits. European farmers supply most of our tomatoes, peppers and citrus fruits and even kiwi fruits! We do also buy from further afield such as with our bananas, ginger and turmeric as we wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer a wide selection of fresh produce.

We try to buy as seasonally as possible (so no strawberries in December), but do appreciate that as palates and tastes have changed, veg such as peppers and aubergines are now seen as staples in many households. Our stock entirely depends on what is available from the farmers every week and so our selection changes depending on what is available. We do however try to ensure staples such as potatoes, root veg, UK greens and brassicas, apples, oranges and tomatoes are always available.

Packaging for our fruit and veg is kept to a minimum, as most items are loose, we offer recycled paper bags for your purchases. There are occasions however where soft fruits, salad leaves and delicate greens do come in plastic, this is done to protect the items and this is only done where absolutely necessary.


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