Daily Menu - Mains, Breakfast & Sweet Treats

We’re always looking for inspiration, forming new ideas and getting creative in the kitchen and so our menu includes new and different dishes everyday, so you don't have to have the same thing twice! All of our hot food is cooked in our kitchen using locally sourced ingredients with sweet treats and cold-pressed juices from local suppliers.

To know what dishes we have on today give us a call on 0161 273 1850.

Vegetarian & Vegan Breakfast

Start your day the ethical way and join us for breakfast.  We have a wide selection, from the belly-bursting ‘full house’ to the refreshing combo of fresh fruit, muesli and yoghurt. With gluten free breakfast options, diary free breakfast options available.

Monday to Friday 9am – 11am / Saturday 10am – 12pm

  • Full House Vegan Breakfast or Full House 
    Vegetarian Breakfast £7.50 Cajun spiced seared slices of organic tofu OR 2 organic eggs with 2 vegan sausages, pan-fried mushroom & tomato, baked beans & trove sourdough toast with
    vegan spread or butter.
  • No Gluten Full House 
    £8.00, Smashed Avocado, Cajun spiced seared slices of organic tofu OR 2 organic eggs, pan-fried mushroom & tomato, baked beans & gluten free toast with
    vegan spread or butter.
  • Smashed Avocado with Cracked Black Pepper & Lemon on Sourdough Toast with pan-fried cherry tomatoes £5.95 (limited availability)
  • Two organic, free range eggs (fried or scrambled) on trove sourdough toast £4.50 incl. dairy 
    free breakfast option
  • Vegan Sausage Ciabatta with trove sourdough 
    toast and homemade red onion marmalade. £4.75
  • Organic apricot & Date muesli with flaked almonds & fresh fruit with dairy or soya yoghurt and Goji & Chia Sprinkles
  • Two slices of trove sourdough toast baked beans/tomatoes/mushrooms/peanut butter/fruit jam 
    from £3.00

Soup, Stew, Dahl from £3.30

Always Vegan, our Stew and our Soup can vary from a Thai Green Curry stew, hearty Root Veg soup and is often gluten free. Available with a slice of fresh sourdough bread from artisan bakers Trove and butter/vegan spread.

Like a mild lentil curry with aromatic spices, our Dahl is our house staple and will always be available on the menu - If you’re looking to give your stomach a big hug, Dahl is definitely the dish for you.

Quiche, Sandwiches & Vegan Salad Bar from £3.45

Grab yourself a bowl and start filling! Our salad bar is a friend to those in a hurry and those looking for a lighter but filling lunch. 

Using bread from our local artisan supplier, Barbakan, we offer freshly made vegetarian and vegan sandwiches every single weekday!

Our homemade quiche is always made with organic free range eggs and can be served hot or cold.

Vegan Cakes & Vegan Hot Pudding

Expect to see delightful vegan cakes such as Spiced Cookie Cake, Chocolate & Rum Torte and a variety of gluten free raw treats, brownies, flapjacks and chocolate bars. 

Made in house our hot pudding is typically a delicious fruity vegan crumble and served with Vegan custard

Vegan Mains & Vegetarian Mains from £5.50

Our homemade bakes are hearty and straight up delicious. We always have two to choose from, a Vegetarian or Vegan option. The dishes can be anything from Enchiladas to Vegan Red Dragon Pie.

Vegan Beer, Vegan Wine, Vegan Ale & Vegan Cider - 

We serve alcohol from 11am, our budding selection includes Fentimans & Bloom Gin and Tonic, Giol Prosecco, Natural Star Shiraz & Chenin Blanc, Sam Smiths Organic Pale Ale and Lager. Ciders include Dunkertons Black Fox Organic Cider and Perry Farmhouse varieties. Look out for guest ales and lagers from local breweries.

Hot Drinks

Organic and Fairtrade Grumpy Mule is the base for all of our coffee beverages. We have soya, almond or oatly non-dairy milks available and the dairy milk we use is also organic. You can customise your coffee with one of our delicious Sweetbird syrups including caramel, gingerbread and sugared almond.

We have a huge selection of black and herbal teas to choose from, and have seasonal special available too!

daily menu

Fresh Juice & Smoothies and Chilled Drinks

Made to order from fresh fruit and veg, our juices are a great as a healthy boost, perfect with breakfast or as a takeaway or you even get your hands on fresh Vegan Protein Shake!
We also stock cold-pressed juices, made in Salford and delivered fresh to us from Cowherds. 

We keep our fridge stocked up with a wide variety of drinks including Club Mate, Organic Whole Earth cans and Fentimans.



If you like cooking or are just looking for a bit of inspiration, take a look here for a wealth of healthy, veggie, vegan and specialist diet recipes, tried and tested over the years.

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